MPR, a company based in Genoa, has worked in the air-conditioning sector since 1993, and over the years has managed to expand its activities to cover all the major areas of systems design.

By working with the best producers and the most prestigious brands in the industry, the Genoa-based company focuses on advanced technologies such as VRF systems and all their applications, being able to propose air conditioning systems for all customer needs, whether industrial, residential or public.

The company has an appropriate answer to every type of sector intervention, providing customised solutions to optimise energy consumption and ensure excellent performance.

What is the VRF system

It is the ideal solution for combining environmental comfort, energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions, with a single system for air conditioning, both for the summer and winter.

Plants with this type of system of electric heating pumps, can operate throughout the year, free from any legislative constraint. Air conditioning in spring and autumn is an additional comfort of this type of system.

The indoor units of VRF systems, slightly cool and dehumidify premises in spring and summer by transferring energy to them removed either from the indoor unit (HWS) or the indoor unit (ATW), and slightly warm the premises during the cooler hours in the autumn .


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Industrial air conditioning

Since 1993 the company has specialised in the production and supply of large scale systems, however, still serving the private user with the same passion that has distinguished MPR for twenty years with a variety of configurations.

For the industrial sector we suggest traditional aerodynamic, hydronic and direct expansion systems, internal and external air conditioning units, RoofTop systems ideal for all large areas such as shopping centres, Unit Air Treatments and more.

Air conditioners for the home

Using its industrial experience the Genoan company has thought about a private "mini VRF" that allow air conditioning even for houses that need more than 5 connections.

Even in this sector we are always seeking quality, focusing on leading brands and on an impeccable and professional after-sales service. In the catalogue customers will find a wide choice of traditional air conditioning systems, split systems and much more.

By clicking on the link below, you can contact the headquarters at Genoa and request more information or receive technical advice from staff of MPR.

You can then evaluate together with qualified and experienced personnel, your exact air-conditioning needs and find the best solution.

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