Fume extraction systems

The kitchen is more than just a place where you prepare food,it is a place where you also sometimes produce annoying fumes and odours. For this reason, MPR of Genoa, active since 1993 in the field of system design, develops system solutions for the capture of fumes and the emission of fresh air for both large kitchens and for those of the finest "star" restaurants.

All the kitchen equipment is designed to meet the specific needs of professional customers who work in the restaurant sector or in large, medium or small kitchens

The Genoa-based company thus provides a unique and comprehensive service for the resolution of the problems of extraction, purification and noise in professional kitchen establishments.

Cucine professionali
Attrezzature cucine

Installation hoods and extractor fans

MPR produces, for professional kitchens:

  • Extraction systems technology
  • Extraction ceilings and hoods for large kitchens
  • Self-cleaning kitchen extractors
  • Fume and odour purification systems
  • Verify the performance and functionality of existing installations
  • Adjustment to legal regulations (HACCP)
  • Control of noise impact
  • Flues

The staff is available to carry out inspections and free estimates, assessing with the client the right solution based on the volume of the area and the actual operational needs.

All kitchen equipment proposed by MPR is certified and of guaranteed quality, to ensure its customers of performance excellence and the most stringent safety standards.

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