Heating and plumbing

MPR of Genoa, thanks to its extensive experience in the systems design sector, is also responsible for installing heating systems especially during renovation. The company produces residential and industrial radiator heating or floor heating systems, including central heating plants, especially in combination with photovoltaic systems or solar thermal energy.

MPR also deals with sanitary hot water hydraulics and its discharge, always ensuring a complete system, secure and turnkey, having at its disposal machines and equipment that allows it to operate quickly throughout the province of Genoa.

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Types and features of heating systems

Choose the type of heating system that best suits your needs is not easy, because there are so many variables to be taken into account, each system has its strengths and weaknesses and there is no perfect solution, there is only the best choice.

Floor heating

This system is more popular in new buildings and those in the process of renovation, thanks to the excellent cost / benefits ratio (just think that this type of system has an operating temperature between 30 ° -35 ° with a big saving in terms of energy consumption.

In addition, the propagation of heat by radiation, which allows a constant temperature throughout the environment and other benefits (valuable for those with space problems) the walls are free from radiators, ready to be furnished and yet, thanks to modern techniques of layering, have minimum thickness useful in the event of restructuring.

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