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Design and plant installation

Founded in 1993 it is active in the air conditioning sector, embracing over the years all the major sectors of plant design. Geared to work with producers and leading brands, the company relies on cutting edge technology, above all for VRF systems and their applications. The scope of action is both in Italy and abroad, where they have created important installations.


Maintaining our standard of quality would be a success for the future, in a time of global crisis. We are not satisfied with our present situation, and we will continue to develop our ideas, aiming to improve the skills and professionalism of our technicians, in the only way possible: the investment in technology and continuous training. Our strength is the adaptability of our structure , and especially the expertise that the company and its staff have and are able to provide.

Our strength is people.

This capability represents a capital that cannot be wasted and must indeed be improved.


Air conditioning systems
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